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The  #2 Club is a phenomenon that is sweeping the country. Although the rules and the amount of money awarded to a #2 Clubber might vary, the concept is the same. If you score a 2 on a hole, you can become a member of the #2 Club! Of course, you must be playing with a member who is wearing a #2 Club pin. You can start your own #2 Club. Here are the rules as we have been told. Have fun!

Rules of the "#2 CLUB"

  1. If there is no existing member of the "2 Club" with an official pin in your group, the first player in the golf group or league who scores a two on a hole becomes the first "2 Club" member and can wear the "2 Club" pin!
  2. Any other player who scores a two when playing with the first "2 Club" member pays her $1.00 (this amount varies by club) and can join and wear the "2 Club" pin. All new "2 Club" members are then eligible to induct other players into the club. As you can see the club grows quickly.
  3. Once a "2 Club" member, the player will also receive $1.00 from the other members of the foursome whenever that player scores a two.
  4. "2 Club" members must be wearing or displaying the official "2 Club" pin during the golf round to receive $1.00 from the other members.
  5. These rules and the amount of the payment vary according to each club.

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